Planning on going triple monitor. What should I upgrade?

The research I have done has indicated that I will be unable to do triple monitor gaming with my current setup because of the dreaded "micro stuttering" that is present when using HD5000 series cards. This is my system below:

CPU: Phenom II x4 955
RAM: 8 GB G.Skill 1600mhz
Mobo: ASRock 890fx Deluxe 3
PSU: Rosewill 750w
GFX: CrossfireX Gigabyte Radeon 5850 oc 1000/1300 @ 1.175v
HDD: Hitachi 2TB
Case: Antec Lanboy Air

What should I upgrade? My initial thoughts were 3rd gen i5 and dual 660 Ti's. I figure I'd also need to get a new motherboard (duh) and a new PSU.
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