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Hi All,

I am experiencing a strange problem with my PC. If I started the PC, and if watching some videos, playing games etc, it will work fine for 10-15 min and then it will restart automatically. It will show an BSOD error on restarting and will work for the remaining flawlessly for extended period of gaming or movies or browsing..What will be the cause?

My PC Config is as follows

AMD Phenom X4 965
1TB + 500GB HDD
Radeon 5770 Crossfire
XFX 550W 80+ Bronze Certified PSU
Asus D2X 7.1 Sound Card
22" Full HD LG Monitor

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  1. If it's a BSOD when you watch video or play games it's probably the video card, try updating or reinstalling drivers. If that doesn't help try working without the video card.
    Please tell us if it worked.
  2. Sometime it will restart while web browsing also. After the restart it will work without any problem and all the drivers are up to date....
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