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CPU temps dropping undre stress

Hi Guys

Im really stuggling to get my CPU temp under control and I have quite a weird scenario.

I have a 2500k CPU fitted onto a P8H67 mobo. My Bios temp is 43°C. when in windows, idling its hits about 90°C. Then, to make things really interesting, I started up a game and the temp drops immediately! More load and it comes into the 50's...

So what is actually happening here? Is this normal? Really confused.

Stock HSF, no overclocking. all default stuff.

I have tried other normal HFS-same result. Clean them properly with alc... etc BB size thermal drop etc.

Im out of ideas guys. Please help.
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  1. Your CPU gets so hot that it "throttles" , or lowers it's clock speed to protect itself from damage. That lowers the temps. You should not be above 72.5 degrees at full load for a 2500k.
    BIOS requires very little CPU power even with UEFI, so that's why it's only 43 in BIOS.
    How are you applying the thermal paste every time?
  2. Maybe he overclocked it and the motherboard partially broke, and now it doesn't work.
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    Hello... depending on the finish/flatness of your heat sink... I apply thermal paste as a even thin film on both the CPU and the heat sink total surface before assembly... an stock aluminum heat sink is very porous ( not a good polished surface )... and require more than a BB size amount of thermal paste... with some cheap sandpaper and some elbow grease you can improve the finish on your Heatsink, Tape the sandpaper to a hard flat surface, and move the heatsink using your hand, using controlled even stokes, change GRIT size and repeat... aluminum or copper sand/polish very easily.

    Thermal Paste is just used to fill in the surface voids between the two metals... but not as good as direct metal to metal contact.

    have you tried running HWMonitor in Windows and see what your CPU core temperatures senors are reading? are they balanced between the cores? Look at what your fans are running at under different situations... a faulty temperature sensor or fan speed/Tach feedback somewhere could cause your problem.
  4. Try re-installing the chip-set drivers for your P8H67 mobo.
    - I mean, it sounds like you've tried everything else...
  5. I have cleaned both and made sure the surface is quite smooth etc. applied the paste bb size, pea size. Rice size in a linear way.( I have notice the CPU chips are situated in a rectangular form-guess that's why that's an option.)

    I have used Hmonitor and Speedfan to monitor the temps. They both returned similar results. There is two CPU's picked up when running this. One cpu temps is skyhigh like I said and then drops, and the other CPU temp is quite normal. I have also, while the temp is running at 90, felt the heatsink and its not hot at all.
  6. Hello... you should see 4 cpu/core temperature readings with HWmonitor and your CPU... also appears one of the two you see is faulty... If your CPU socket has no missing or bent pins/contacts, on your motherboard, I would contact INTEL for warranty replacement of your CPU.
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