Xeon cpu mix.Will a x5450 & x5472 work together

Sorry to be a pain i have a dual CPU motherboard fitted with only 1 Xeon CPU X5450 obviously would be great to fit another x5450 cpu but i have seen a X5472 for sale would the pair work together ?
Both are 3ghz 12mb. difference is the bus core ratio and fsb speed are different.

Xeon X5450 bus core ratio 9
FSB Speed 1333 MHz

Xeon X5472 bus core ratio 7.5
FSB Speed 1600 MHz

Many thanks for any help. :D
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  1. No, I don't think they will work properly together, if at all. What make/model of motherboard are you using?
  2. Which motherboard do you have?
  3. Dell Precision T7400 Workstation Motherboard w/ Tray RW199
    Thanks for your help so far
  4. You could contact Dell for a definitive answer, but I can see no way that these different CPUs can co-exist in the same motherboard.
  5. No they will not work together.
  6. The basic answer with Intel® Xeon™ processors is that you want to put them together in matching pairs with the same stepping. This is generally hard to do unless you buy them at the same time since most resellers wont list the stepping when you are trying to buy the processor. So on the Intel Xeon x5450 you want to run two of them with the C0 stepping or the E0 stepping but not mix them up.
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