5770: Eyefinity 5 + Crossfire, will something catch on fire?


Purchase date: nowish
Use: Office work & light gaming (Eve Online & Minecraft)
Current gear: 5770 and P7P55D mobo, will require an upgrade on the power supply. I5 760 and 8Gb RAM.
Considering OC'ing the GPUs a bit within the limits of air cooling.

Found a deal on a new 5770 Eyefinity 5 ( http://bit.ly/Q2NvS0 ) that I couldn't pass on, even if only as a second card for Crossfiring the 5770 I already have.

It would be a shame however not to try out the bucket of Eyefinity possibilities this opened up thought, however I am aware of the limitations I'm dealing with.

On my P7P55D they will come out as PCIe 16x/4x, so that's a slight hitch right there.

Question 1: I've read conflicting stuff on the mobo itself (with some reports of 8x/8x, but I think that refers to other flavors of this board), assuming 16x/4x, I'm thinking ~10% loss on the second card. Am I in the correct region?

Furthermore, although I would be a happy camper with just a third screen, the itch to push this further is strong and going for the full 5 monitors will be hard to resist. I'm trying to manage expectations here, considering the slightly less than 2Gb of Juniper horsepower I don't see maxed games in 5400x1920 in my future, but for office stuff you can't begin to imagine how 5x1 portrait would kick ass with my daily use. I'm assuming lowered resolution and details for gaming.

Question 2: For an office setup, 5 monitors on the pair, yea or nay at FHD?

Question 3: For gaming, how easier on the cards would it be if I switched down resolution? Is it a linear progression or is it not that important?

Question 4: Assuming a final upgrade later on with a mobo able to deal 3 or 4 GPUs in crossfire at a mix of 16x and 8x speeds, would there be a significant change with an added 5770 or should I just put that away for a new system?

As I said I got the card for cheap, not really interested to trade them up yet, want to wait until my next system. Besides I can borrow more monitors from work, can't expense new GPUs though. :D

Thoughts? Thanks!
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  1. Q1: I looked at the manual of your motherboard, it's mode is x16/x4, so you better off not crossfiring.

    Q2: Not too sure what FHD stands for, but as an office set-up for productivity like doing word processing excel sheets and multiple tasks, it's good.

    Q3: Switching down resolution makes it easier for the card. It's quite important. For any cards you'd want 2GB of VRAM or higher with resolutions at 1920x1080 or higher, and playing graphic intensive games like Battlefield 3.

    Q4: I recommend a newer system.

    But, if you are not planning on upgrading, using it only for productivity/office tasks, then its okay.

    Hope that helps :)
  2. I would have to agree with fantastik250.

    Q1. x16/x4 not great
    Q2. Is the stanard 3 monitors from your orgional 5770 not enough?
    Q3. Yes for gaming on resolutions above 1080P (including all eyefinity setup's) 2gb of VRAM is about the minimum you would want.
    Q4. I would reccomend getting rid of the 5770's and getting a single 7970 for running eyefinity. as any decent new game will struggle with those gpu's while running eyefinity.

    So the real answer is.

    If its for Productivity - Ditch your orgional 5770 and run just the single 5770 Eyefinity 5 card. as 3d performance does not matter the single card with 5 outputs is the way to go.

    If its for Eyefinity Gaming - Ditch both 5770's and get a single 7970, it is more powerfull, only requires 1 slot, no crossfire hiccups. and has 3gb VRAM.
  3. I only have two monitors on my desk right now, plus a droid tablet running iDisplay.

    Third monitor is really starting to be a requirement, which is the prime reason I snatched the 5770e5. As is, especially for gaming, the single 5770 is plenty good, I'm not too worried about adding a third.

    FHD refers to a 1080p display.

    Re new system: I'll be dropping 2-3k in a proper workstation early 2013, I'll probably double as a gaming box as well.

    Re new GPU: I got the 5770e5 for 60$, a no brainer in any case. A 7970e6 would run me around 500$, which is a price I'm willing to pay, with a new system. Dropping that kind of coin for a bandaid solution for the rest of 2012 is a bit too much IMHO.

    At any rate I'll try to Crossfire them, if major issues arise I'll kick the old one to the HTPC in my living room, perhaps replace my current mobo with something that allows 8x/8x.

    Expectations managed lol.
  4. I agree with the rest but a low end card like a 5770 will only lose under 5% performance running in a 4x slot.
  5. Yup, just tracked down some numbers:


    The fancy pants new 7 series cards might bottleneck a 4x port to hell and back, but my end of life hardware should sneak by decently... :D
  6. Thats correct a 5870 loses 5% performance so a 5770 should lose a bit less.
  7. Well this should be an interesting experiment then... Original thread title stands, let's see how far I can push these without causing a fire !
  8. Don't forget to order active display port adapters :P
  9. Yup, first thing I ordered after the card!
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