Need help with a GPU driver-caused BSoD

Hello, everyone! I recently upgraded my GPU to the Radeon 7750, but have encountered some issues. My computer has been restarting randomly and now I have been getting BSoDs. I looked up the error and found out that the BSoD is being caused by a driver issue, and I assume the GPU drivers are to blame. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and didn't get any restarts/BSoDs for a day, but they have started to occur again. If someone could tell me what they need to help diagnose the problem I would be happy to provide the information.
I am running the 7750 on a Dell Inspiron 560 with an E5700 processor @3.0ghz. The PSU is the stock 300w model. I am fairly sure that the issue is not being caused by the PSU, though I could be wrong.

All help is appreciated, as I would much rather fix this issue myself than take it to a repair shop. Thank you!
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  1. What version driver are you using? 12.6?

    Uninstall the graphics driver by going into Safe Mode. Reboot, and go into Safe Mode again and re-install the graphics drivers
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