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    Select windows vista from the OS drop down.

    95% of software that works on vista will work on windows 7.
  2. There is no official support for Win 7, but u can try the Vuescan 9 @
  3. nikorr said:

    You must have posted that just as i was righting my post =P
  4. Canon Support > Drivers and Downloads > CanoScan LiDE 30 No Windows 7 drives from Canon.
    If you have Win7 32bit installed you can use the Vista drivers to get it working.
  5. @ Windows 7 Forums
    Check this topic for several ideas: Windows 7 - Driver needed for Canoscan Lide 30!
    including running a Virtual Machine w/ WinXP with VirtualBox.
  6. silverliquicity said:
    You must have posted that just as i was righting my post =P

    9 sec. apart : ))
  7. There's no need for new drivers, on my Sindows 7 32 bit it works perfectly. I scan using the Twain driver, using Irfanview. The only thing is that I have to execute Irfanview as an Administrator, otherwise the scanner does not appear as a twain source. I think this problem is related to the fact that C:/windows/twain_32, which stores the drivers under the folder /CQL30, is only accessible to the administrator. I should check the permissions, but I'm lazy, so I simply execute with administrator roghts.
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