Random grey screen. Is it my graphics card?

I recently did a full cleaning of my desktop before installing a new graphics card: Radeon 6870. I was coming from a Nvidia 88000 GT. After installing I noticed at random times the screen would go completely grey with darker grey horizontal lines. I thought maybe the drivers were an issue so I cleaned them out and even went as far as reinstalled a clean version of Windows 7. The problem still persists. I wanted to check if the card I bought is faulty or if it could be something else. Prior to this, everything worked fine.

EDIT: Found another forum where someone asked the question but it wasn't answered so you can see what the screen looks like: http://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/127556/radeon-4870-grey-screen-of-death
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  1. If your old card is working fine with the current configuration, it points to the card being faulty, especially with this kind of grey screen. I would send it back and ask for a replacement.
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