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Is it worth removing the dustfilter on the front of the Enforcer case, well the front fan? I mean I unscrewed the case and got to it, it's basically just piece of dust-catching material that has been attached through piercing parts of it with these hooks inside the case. There doesn't really seem to be a way to clean it, I can't use a vacuum cleaner without ripping it and it can't be removed, without damaging it.

Does anyone have an input? Got this case?
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  1. I don't have that case, but have and had several CM cases. The dust usually accumulates on the outside of the filter. On my case(s) I simply use my vacuum with the dusting brush attachment and brush the outside of the case's front grill when the system is off. Does an excellent job. And that's with 2 Siamese cats in the house.


    If you have an air compressor (or even a can of compressed air), remove the front panel and blow out the dust from inside to out.
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