Changing RAM - Do I need an anti-static wristband?

If I turn off the computer, and at the tower, then unplug the computer completely; can I safely take out my old RAM and put the new ones in without an anti-static wristband? I don't have one, but I have received some RAM as a gift.
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  1. Yes you can, as long as you are touching something metalic on your computer case while doing the exchange.
  2. knightdog is long as the computer is plugged in AND powered down, it is grounded. When you touch the case, it is the same thing as grounding yourself with a wrist strap.
  3. +1^^
    Leave the PSU plugged in (but switched off) to provide an earth ground. Not totally necessary, but a good idea. And try not to touch the memory sticks' contacts.

    A grounding wrist strap is a good idea, but with a little care to occasionally touch a grounded portion of the case/system, it is not needed.
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