How to recognize an external hard drive intermitantly


I have a Toshiba External hard drive. My PC (windows 7) doesn't see it as if it was not there???

I have through a process of elimination determined the following... :

1) It has worked before perfectly on my PC before on numerous occasions.

2) I take it to work (WindowsXP) works fine.

3) When I bring it back home it wont recognize this pc (windows 7) like its not plugged in.

4) I gave it to my brother(windows7) to use for long(Months) cause it woudnt work and when he eventually gave it back it worked perfectly.

5) This is where I should have learnt my lesson.... : took it to work (windows XP) and when i bought it back ... wait for it.... it wouldn't work... !!!!!!!!!!


From what I have deduced I as clever as I am is that I think resetting my USB ports or something should maybe reset my PC's memory so that it would forget that it must not recognize my external hard drive.....
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  1. You could try to reinstall your USB drivers. Or, take everything off of the external HD and reformat it in NTFS.
  2. If I had to format, how would I do it and would everything I take off work once I put it back on? It's wired that it works on every pc I plug it into but this one?
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