Can i use different cpu on motherboard?


I have a pavilion dv6000, with 1.6 amd turion 64x2 cpu. My question is:

1. Can i use a cpu (ex. ivy bridge or something like this, i mean latest technology cpu) with higher performance on my laptop?

2. my laptop has Nvidia graphics geforce (i don't know how big is but i think 120, couse i can't play any game on it), so the question is can i find somewhere any motherboard with better graphics for my dv6000???

Thanks in advance
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  1. 1. Absolutely not

    2. Another No.
  2. Negative. Sorry.
  3. In order to use a processor you need to have a board that suppports that processor. No boards will support both AMD and Intel® processors. So in order for you to use a current processor on that laptop you would have to replace the board which isnt really an option.

    In the end you really need to get a new desktop or laptop.
  4. Just saying no would of been more easy.
  5. Just saying no is an easy get out, and I actually find it very rude.

    Explaining why, is much nicer, as it gives you a chance to impart your knowledge, if you have any, and the OP learns something as well.

    When it comes time for you to ask questions, people might very well answer your questions rudely, if you've been answering their's rudely.
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