Can't run 3 monitors at the same time -7970-

I have a question regarding this thread

So far I have the first monitor converted from mini port to DVI
2nd monitor is using the existing DVI connect
Now for my 3rd monitor, If I'm reading this correct, I just need to convert the HDMI to DVI to get the 3rd monitor to fire up?

HugoStiglitz said:
How to Connect your Cards.

NOTE: If you have monitor/s with native display port support it is always the best solution to connect as many as you can using that DSP connection. If you have at least 1 connected via DSP (for a 3 monitor group) you DO NOT require the adapters linked in this guide.

Most 7xxx cards have the following connections

1x DVI
2x Mini Display Port

Reccomended to connect in the following way

Card DVI ---------------------------------------------------> DVI Monitor
Card HDMI -----> HDMI to DVI Cable --------------------> DVI Monitor
Card MINI DSP --> Mini DSP to DVI Active Adapter ------>DVI Monitor

See link below for adapter
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  1. You can do that, or you can use the other monitor with an HDMI or DisplayPort if applicable. Or just use two display port to DVI and one DVI cable. Either way it should work no problem.
  2. The 3rd monitor uses HDMI natively, so that's where I'm a little confused. I was reading somewhere that the mini-DSP needs to be an active converter and not a passive. You think maybe that's why the 3rd monitor isn't working? When I bought the mini converter, it didn't say if its an active one or passive.
  3. Does the monitor get detected in Control Panel > Appearance > Display > Screen Resolution? Try in Catalyst Control Center also.
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    Hi Rahmia,

    Thanks for reading my guide. Yes you definatly NEED an ACTIVE adapter. (unless one of your monitors has display port natively).

    Your Mini Display Port to DVI adapter NEEDS to be an ACTIVE adapter. the product linked will solve your problem
  5. Thanks for the replies guys

    I did some searching around and found out that the converter I have is passive. :(

    So I'll have to send it back and replace it with an active one. My three screen gaming goodness will have to wait for a few more days.

    Thanks again for your help guys.

    Cheers :hello:
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