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Hello guys
My question is, is my cpu bottlenecking my gpu in games like bf3. I have an a8-5500 an a gtx 660. And guys for the record I'm getting a i5 as soon as I have the cash this pc was a freebee from my mate

Many thanks Marc
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  1. And cpu is at 3.2ghz turbo boost to 3.8
  2. Most likely, buying an apu is usually for use without a discrete gpu, amd is starting to make athlon cpus on fm2 socket which is basically an apu with the ipgu not on the die. So just using the cpu portion of the A8 with a 660 gtx will most likely bottleneck way more than ur future i5 lol
  3. Probably, the CPU portions to APUs are generally garbage.
    You'll love your Core i5, trust me.
  4. Okay guys thanks
  5. Also can I quickly ask how many fps will I get on battlefield 3 with the i5 and 660? Thanks
  6. just look at any benchmarks that use a 660 and the test setup compared to urs for cpu a ib/sb i7 will perform just the same almost to a i5 if not listed which an i5 will lol. it wont be exact as everything is different but should give a rough estimate
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