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When watching videos in youtube the video will get lag time to time in every video I watch. The Sound keeps going and when the lag stops everything stays in sync and plays on with the audio. The CPU usage goes to 100% and its allocated to Chrome.

I'm using a Core 2 Duo E8400 and Windows XP
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  1. Ok an update when using chrome the videos do that and the CPU usage will go to 100% and cause the lag. It only happens when maximizing the videos. Now i looked at the processes and when Chrome is running their are about 6 different Chrome processes running. I do not understand why. Maybe someone can help with that because I would like to keep using Chrome

    When using firefox no lag... However Chrome is faster for webpages and seems more fluid...

    Also this problem didn't happen before I cleaned my computer out and was using Chrome..
  2. Thanks for all of your help guys
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