Maximus V Extreme Card Decisions (New Build)

Hi Tom's, this is my first post here, but I'll likely have a flurry of them in the coming weeks as this build kicks off. Hopefully this is in the right place as this post is graphics-focused. What I'm planning is a Corsair 800D build with an Asus Maximus V Extreme and an Intel Core i7-2600K processor. I am going to try my first water cooled build as well. I am planning to have two displays and, adding this winter, one of the new touch Cintiqs from Wacom. SO, what I'm considering for the initial build is some number (2 or 3) of 680s or 670s. Would there be any reason to go with a single 690 or more 670s over a couple of 680s, etc? Feel free to lay out suggestions at various ranges here, as I can flex my budget, but if I can cut things places, that would be great (I don't need 4 690s). SO what would be realistic setups for good performance for a lot of gaming (streaming the gameplay) and 2, eventually 3 (with the Cintiq) monitors? Hopefully that makes sense... Thanks for your input! As this build gets going I'll likely start a thread with photos to track the progress since people seem to enjoy that here.
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  1. Dual 680s should be competitive with a single 690 for less $ and 680s are hardly more than 670s right now, so that seems like the most obvious route to me (potentially doing 3 680s now or at cintiq time). Anything I'm missing or some setup that would make more sense?
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