Help with buying Budget Laptop Graphics Card

Basically, my brother is looking to upgrade his laptop graphics card, not to play anything big, more things like Amnesia: The Dark Descent (something he just bought in the Steam Summer Sale, but his basic Intel chipset won't event playing something with low requirements like that.

This is his current spec:

It's a HP G56-130sa Notebook

Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 2.3Ghz
500 GB Hard Drive
65W Power Adapter

Basically what I asking is, can anyone recommend a budget Graphics card to upgrade his laptop, that would be capable of playing the likes of Amnesia?
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  1. You cant install any graphics card on a laptop.
  2. You can run an external card but there are limitations, I am experimenting with it today see this thread
    I will add some info later but look at the limitations 1st
  3. Some aptop you can upgrade the cards in, your one however is not one of them
    Simple answer is buy another machine with the card you want in it as 99% of laptops your stuck with what you buy untill you replace the entire system with the exceptions of ram and hdd.
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