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does anyone know how to build a pc campatable with windows 95? i just need the component list. or just where i can get the info. i have no idea how to do this and have never done anything like this before. it is for a class assignment, and it would be much appreciated if somebody could help me out!
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  2. Hi

    search Microsoft site for hardware compatibility list for Windows 95
    remember this product was released was about 1995 and continued to 1999
    I dont think Win 95 has drivers for modern PC chipsets, or supports modern ammounts of RAM or large modern hard disks

    ( not actually sure of Win 95 memory limit but Windows 98 objects to more than 1024MB of RAM)

    The later Win 95 B or C supported fat 32 and hard disks over 2GB

    BUT Win 95 will work on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 which emulates a very old PC with S3 Tro graphics card
    You can find the spec of PC emulated in VPC 2007 but new parts on this list are no longer available to buy.
    (only CPU is not emulated in VPC 2007)

    (this is free to download from Microsoft and runs on XP or later)

    You would need to find a second hand PC build between about 1993 and maybe 2003 to actually install it if you do not use a virtual PC


    Mike Barnes
  3. thanks for the info! that was helpful!

    Jared Perry
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