Autocad 2006 free download

i have auto cad 2006
but it is not supporting windows 7 64 bit.
now how should i install auto cad2006.
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  1. You said "free download" which makes me worry, do you have a legit copy?

    If so, you will need to have the 64bit version of the software or downgrade to a 32bit OS.
  2. i install auto cad2006
  3. i say downgrade... not that there's anything wrong with a 32bit OS
  4. jagmohan bisht said:
    i install auto cad2006

    Is it legit?
  5. What are you doing? 0.0
  6. its free if you're a student
  7. No offence but considering how pointless this thread is, rules are rules "do NOT spam the thread" (with my own post's.)
  8. virtual machine?
  9. someone trying to get a illegal copy!

    Tomshardware does not support Piracy!
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