Replacement Seasonic X-850 has coil whine.

I just got my replacement Seasonic X-850 and plugged it in, and it makes the exact same noise as my old one. The high pitched frequency even pulsates the same exact way. I guess I will just have to manually turn off the PSU when I turn off the PC, but I was just wondering if the coil whine ever goes away on its own, and it just kind of has to get broken in or something? My new GPU should be coming next week as well, which would draw more power and I was wondering if that could possibly get rid of coil whine, as I have seen some people say that sometimes it just depends on what parts you have? Luckily I can't hear the coil whine when my PC is on unless I put my head up to it.
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  1. If they both had coil whine, THEY'RE GONNA HAVE COIL WHINE. When buying parts, you have to check first. Coil whine will never leave, it's natural depending on the design of the PSU.
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