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  1. I suggest you read the sticky in this section.
  2. get another psu ,a 650 power or beter
    or check this first and ad 100 wats just for safty:
  3. another question why do you need a sound card and network card ,dosent the mobo have these onbord?
  4. I Wasn't sure about that, so that's no on the sound and network cards then right?
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    onboard audio :Realtek ALC892
    onboard net:Realtek 8111E
    the net card you choised is the same with that from the mobo ,maybe if you realy want buy a card with wireles internet
    the audio card only if you want something more special ,but as i said the mobo has a standard audio and net cards
    And as i said check your system power consumption and choise a power suply with mutch more power but still 80& ef
  6. I checked your system power consumption and it's around 670 W
    a 750W power suply is the best
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  8. thx alot
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