PC Not Working after installing new heatsink

I've had my custom-build for around a month now. Recently I wanted to start overclocking so I bought a new heatsink. I took the mobo out of the PC and installed the new heatsink. I was very careful and grounded myself. When I was done I put it back in the case and pressed the button. The fans didn't spin or anything. So I changed some cables around and now this happens:

The HDDs spin up
All the fans work
The new cooler works
The DVD Drive works

But I can't get the case speaker or video to work for the life of me. The graphics card is a Nvidia GTX 550 TI. I thought it might be the CPU, but I'm not sure. Any help is appreciated, Thanks! :)
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  1. Changed some cables around? They only work one way. You better check your wiring. What board and cpu do you have?
  2. Well it seems fairly obvious you missed something. Triple-check everything. Reseat RAM and Cards, check ALL cable connections.
  3. Board: GIGABYTE GA-MA790XT-UD4P AM3 DDR3 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard
    CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 BE

    Thanks for the replies!
  4. Do you have access to the board's instruction manual for the wiring? If not you can download a manual here: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3010#dl

    The case speaker might be in reverse. Blk is + and Red is -
    Did you remember to plug in the PCIe cable to the card?
    CPUs are pretty dependable. That would be the last item I'd expect to fail.
    What is that add-on bracket that's shown with 2 ports and a Molex socket? Powered eSata?
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