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Hi im new just wondering i have a xbox 360 but i like pc gaming im wondering which is better and if i should sell my xbox360 and continue building a mid gaming pc and which graphics cards to get heres my current parts i have asrock 870extreme3 R2.0,amd sempron 145 2.8ghz .4gb kingston ddr3 1333 mhz,dvd/cd rw sata disk drive.320gb hard drive,window 7 64bit oem version havent install until fuly figured out which parts. bear in mind i have £150 plus if i sell xbox another 100pound please answer honestly thanks in advance
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  1. i would advise (from personal experience) that you spend atleast $750AUD (dont know how much pounds that is :P) to get a PC that you wont be dissapointed with.
  2. Yeah, you need more cash to get the gaming equivalent in a desktop computer. Save your 360 and game on! There's my $0.02
  3. dingo07 said:
    There's my $0.02

    lol @ 2 cents
  4. I'm not sure where you can buy parts where you live, but I'll use eBuyer as a source of reference.

    What power supply are you using?

    Your current parts are fine, but you will need a new CPU. I'd recommend a Phenom II X4:

    As for your GPU, you could fit in an HD 6870:
  5. I only play empire total war stragedy and aliens vs predator and couple of low games have 650watt and 32'' inch tv which i used on my old system
  6. With a sempron you won't be enjoying playing new games. With your budget I'd say stay with the 360. You'd get more enjoyment out of it.

    p.s. I play most of my games with a 360 controller nowadays.
  7. I also get pound pound a every two weejs i buy from amazon i was looking at a hd7770 for £64
  8. I mean i get £45 every two weeks as well
  9. Thanks AbdullahG i going for ur recomendations unless says if itd a bad idea?
  10. I have a 360, and a PS3, the only reason I play any PC games at all is just because I like working with, and being on computers. Playing MW3 on xbox is the exact same as playing on a PC, only difference is you get to build your PC. So you have to decide, do you want to build a PC, or do you just want to play games?
  11. you should def. get a better CPU, for around 100 USD you can get a amd phenom ii x4 96 BE 3.4ghz
    and Mace200200 CUTE!! roo pic :D
  12. Im going to build a pc because i enjoyed building my old which was a intel dual core E3300 2gb ram windows vista gt220 which played dead space on high it did play crysis on medium but sound was really sketchy but probs because of motherboard which was a g3-1t m9 thanks for all replys .
  13. PC will last longer
  14. Well, i've heard this certain website is doing great sales on AMD Phenoms

    80 Bucks FTW :D
  15. Have a another question i have haf 912 plus case i was wondering does the original 912 side panel fit the 912 plus because my side panel is a really scratched up and i see theyre selling one. One on ebay for £10 an its windowed thanks again
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