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i have a bunch of hard drives, but when i run matrox's speed check, it gives me results that average to 12 mb/sec with no diff with ata66 and my ata100 80 maxtor drive on an ata 100 ide port. i also only get 16 mb/sec with my ibm 18 gig, 10k rpm uw lvd scsi hard drive on an adaptec aha-2940uw controller.

i hear people getting speeds of 40 mb/sec on ide, how do they do that? and why cant i even get that on my scsi let alone my ide drives?

my sys is:

kt7-raid (no hard drives are in a raid array)
2 hard drives on 1st ata66 ide port
1 ibm 30 gig 7200rpm drive + 12 gig 7200 WD drive
2 cd-roms on second

ata100 80 gig hard drive on 1st ata100 ide port alone
ata66 western digital drive on 2nd ata100 ide port alone

i am running win2k with SP2 and have via's 4in1 drivers (4.32) installed.

how can i speed up my hard drive speed or am i completely off base with this speed thing?


why does my ibm scsi appear under device manager/disk drives as a compaqpc ddys-t18350n scsi disk device?

my ide ibm disk shows as an ibm drive.
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  1. That's wierd, SP2 should've fixed that error.

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  2. maybe i should reinstall it?
  3. Try installing SP2 again. If that doesn't work tell me. I'll try to think of a possible solution after.

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  4. i have reinstalled sp2 and there is no change.

    help please?
  5. anyone?
  6. "anyone?"

    1) Don't run Matrox's speed check.

    2) Do run Sisoft Sandra's 'Speed Check'.

    3) Delete all partitions on the hard disk. Install whichever windows you'd like. Do not run/install *anything* matrox sent with the disk drive, or offers on their web site. Install the 4.32 drivers, make sure the 'Ultra-DMA' is checked on the hard disk inside windows. Make sure Mode-5 is enabled inside the bios.

    4) Do run Sisoft Sandra's 'Speed Check', again.


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