Corsair H60 2013 Edition and Temp issues

So I've got a Corsair H60 2013 Edition Water Cooler installed in my Rosewill Blackbone Case. I've got one front 120mm that exhausts air (I'm assuming since it's cold air, so it may not actually be exhausting any hot air from the case). Then the 120mm fan that came with the h60 water cooler. And I've got another 120mm fan that I just stuck on the side to exhaust air.

I may not have "Optimal" airflow in this case but seems to work right. I've also got the Rosewill Green Series RG630-S12 630W psu.

When I first got the H60 installed, cpu temps were a lot better than stock heatsink. Around 29c idle, 40c load. Now I have moved from an apartment to a house and my temps have risen to usually about 49c load, and I'm not sure idle. My 7870 used to run about 45c load while play Far Cry 3, now it hits 69c while playing Far Cry 3. Not sure what happened but temps are a lot worse.

Basically all I would like to know is, What would be the optimum way to have my fans to have the best airflow and lowest temps?

I don't have the money ATM to get new fans or anything so I'm stuck with the crappy fans that came with the case.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. The best way to check your airflow is to remove your side cover, grab a desktop or free standing fan and blast it at max towards the inside of your case, thrash your system using a prime 95 or OCCT test (stress testing software) and note the temps. then put the side cover back on and repeat the process. if your temps are more than 5 degress C lower when you have the cover off and the big fan blowing in, you have airflow issues.

    Now, how to deal with them!

    generally, airflow should work a little something like this: front, bottom, side=intake. rear and top should be exhaust. you then have a general direction for airflow, and seeing as hot air rises, it will be the best thing to have air exhausting from the top of your case (not the front, which is at the bottom, only pushing out the coolest air that is in there). i tend to prefer having more intake than exhaust as is means less dust in your case due to a pressurised system.

    where exactly is your h60 at the moment, and which direction is is pushing/pulling air? (pulling cold from outside onto the radiator [exhausting hot air into the case] or pushing air from inside the case out through the radiator [removing hot air from the case])

    seeing as your case doesn't really have much support for fans, i'm going to have to go with the above recommendation: intake at the front and side (the side of your case has two space for 120mm fans, use the bottom one of the two) and install the H60 as an exhaust at the rear (Case-Rad-Fan). you can always install a second 120mm fan on the oustide rear at some point in the future to give your H60 a push/pull configuration (pushing hot air out faster for a cooler radiator, but also a cooler system in general!)

    hope this helps!
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