PC slowing down

I have a assembled desktop it's configuration is:

Inel DH55TC Motherboard

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz Processor

Intel(R) HD Graphics

2x2gb Zion graphics card

The problem is when i am multitasking the pc slowing down, sometimes start up slowing down as well, used ccleaner to remove old prefetch data cookies but same problem reappear, m using avast Free version antivirus and i update it regularly,
there is not a single virus in my system, i am Using my Desktop for PS & DW little documentation, & playing games like Moto gp 3, Nfs.
If there is any kind of lake in my configuration or it's a internal problem, help me with a solution.. plz..
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  1. Can you clarify what "slowing down" means to you? are programs slow to open or respond to clicks, or do filters apply slowly in PS? Also, do you have a dedicated graphics card or do you use Intel HD graphics?
    I would suggest running CCleaner with all cleaners checked except for the "remember saved passwords" and "wipe free space" then run the registry scanner portion of CCleaner and delete the old restore points and make sure there are no programs starting with Windows other than the essentials (Avast, drivers, and the likes), while you have the program open make sure you have no unnecessary programs installed such as tool-bars or coupon type software. Next I would suggest downloading Defraggler which is made by the same company as CCleaner and defrag(ment) your hard drive.
    If that doesn't improve your system then you may need to run checkdisk on your computer by opening the command prompt (run or search "cmd") and typing "chkdsk /r" this will scan your drive for errors and attempt to repair them.
    If all else fails, buy a solid state drive and install Windows and PS&DW on it and use your old hard drive as storage and for installing less performance oriented software.

    Hope that helps.
  2. cloneelhammer said:

    The problem is when i am multitasking the pc slowing down, sometimes start up slowing down as well.

    Is your pc hardware dust free?
    =>If not try cleaning it out.

    Is your cpu temperature controlled (is within its temperature limit [Tj max])?
    =>If not try using a thermal paste.
    =>The intel auto boost technology downgrades the processor clock to avoid thermal break down or burning situations.
    This really happens when user is multitasking applications and need to utilize maximum processor processing power causes to slow down the pc.

    For your start up problem:- Just remove unnecessary start-up programs will fix your start up problem.
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