GTX 470 vs GTX 560

I have a pair of GTX 470's and a pair of GTX 560 2gb (non TI versions)

I already own both of these pairs so please dont say just buy this or buy that because i dont want to buy anything since i already own them!

Current Specs:
I7 920 OC'd at 3.2ghz
12gb DDR3 16000
2x OCZ Agility 3 SSD's in RAID 0
EVGA X58 Classified 3 motherboard
Antec TruePower 1000Watt Power Supply
EVGA GT 640 2gb Physx Card (yes i want to keep it since i do see improvements in DiRT2 and DiRT3)

I am upgrading to 3 24" monitors for the Nvidia Surround.

I was running 3 GTX 470's in 3-Way SLI +Physx, but one of my 470's crapped out, so a friend of mine just gave me his 560's when i went to a GTX 680.

I guess my questions boils down to, do i go with the 470's or 560's? If i go with the 470's do i look at replacing the dead 3rd card and go back to 3-way SLI +Physx due to the Surround im going to??

Thank you for the help!!
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  1. The 470's are going to run very hot. Yet, they are going to be faster than the GTX560 regular versions.

    If you have the case for the card, then it should be fine.

    Also, if you so please, you could use an SLI setup of one set of cards, and use one of the other ones as a Physx card, since you have a pretty beefy power supply and was able to run 3-way SLI.

    The 470's are faster and for Nvidia surround, they are going to be a tad better.

    You dont have to replace the 3rd 470, you could just use a GTX560 for Physx if you are really inclined to use it.
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