3570k temperature concerns.

I have been wondering about the temperature that my cpu has been running fairly hot. I have a i5-3570k. The idle temperatures usually run between 38-45 C on the main core, but obviously less for the others. I am only concerned about the temperatures under load that reached around 75-76 C on the main core. I was running Starcraft 2 under max settings when this happened. Should I be worried? The program I have been using is Core Temp, but I know these temperatures may not be the best record. I intend to buy a cpu cooler in the next month, but I am worried that I may be pushing my computer too hard or something. I appreciate any help that can be provided. Also, I don't believe cable management is the issue. Thank you.

Here is my current computer:
Current temps (nothing really running):
Core 0: 45C
Core 1: 41C
Core 2: 37C
Core 3: 33C
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  1. 75 C on a 3570k is perfectly fine. The max temps for a 3570k is 105 C. Do you have an overclock? Because those are the temps I see with my 3570k which is overclocked to 4.4 Ghz. I also have a 212 EVO, though.
  2. if thats the stock cooler, i would say thats about normal.
  3. I think that's about normal for the stock cooler. It's when you get to about 90 C that you'd start having problems.
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    Your idling temps are fine. 75 C is pretty hot so I'd suggest getting a cpu cooler, especially considering the beefy processor and gaming on max settings. You can get away with 75 C but once you get in the 90 C range, you'll experience some issues. With the standard Intel heat-sink fan your temps are normal though. Do you have a budget for a cooler?
  5. Thank you all for putting my mind at ease. This is my first computer that I have built myself. The people I normally talk to told me to be worried after I hit 70C, so I wanted an outside opinion. I was thinking of investing in a Corsair Hydro Series h80 or h80i. That one seems to get a lot of praise, but my max budget is probably about 100 US. I hate being paranoid that I am hurting my computer. I do not currently have the cpu overclocked at all which is what troubled me. Do I just wait until I get some loss in performance?
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