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this graphics card has many issues and only had it for a week so im sending it back to the store for look at but untill i do i can still do abit of gaming on it but today it showed me a new issue its using up to 997mbs of the ram on the gpu out of 1gb ddr5 ram thats on the graphics card and thats never happened before and now since its using that much ram its really really laggy when im playing battlefield 3 like the ram on the graphics card is the only ram it can use i have 8gbs of kingston hyperx ram 1600mhz and theirs 5gbs free and when im in games theirs 3gbs free so plenty of fast ram their and the graphics card is a Sapphire 7770Ghz OC edition so their anything i can do and oh yea when its using that much ram on the graphics card its not running 99% its running 70 or 60% really weird i feel like this card is unfix able because of all the problems
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  1. its not the ram that its using its the card that card is just awful in bf3 i get about 80~ in bf3 when i play what did you get before these problems i have a 7850 oc edition
  2. first off with a new pc build make sure the mb bios is up to date and that all the drivers are up to date. if the chipset drivers are not up to date then a lot of crazy things can happen. with the video card boot into safe mode and use a drive sweeper and remove the old video driver and install the newest one from ati. also do a virus sweep and malware sweep.
    with cpu-z check that your ram is running at 1600 speed. if not change in the bios the dram speed from auto to xmp profile and reboot. when you reboot open task manager and look at the performance tab..see how much free ram you have and what running in the back ground. a lot of people load a lot of crap at start up they dont need. (use ms-config and turn off everything but your anti virus and video and sound driver from start up). i dont know what case you have or then number of fans. with a stock oc card..the hotter it gets the slower it going to run. in most games and in the video control panel you have to change some of the settings. like 4xx and water and other thing performance vs quality. you may have to turn down some of the setting so that the card runs cooler and you get higher frame rates. also make sure you have all the patches for the game..also check to see if the game and card run better in ver 9 or ver 10 of dirx. some games and video drivers are funny like that. if you have to use a third party tool are declock the card to stock speeds and see if it runs better. sometime it the gpu chip and how it was binned. it may have passed the vendor overclock test when new but may be having an issue now.
  3. i know its the ram in the card because i use msi afterburner and have the stats in the corner of my screen when playing a game
  4. ok first of all i did not tell u the alot of other problems that point to the graphics card and ive used catalyst 12.6 and 12.7 i reinstalled them 3 times just make sure it wasnt a fulty install and i used driver sweeper every time i use all the intensive test like furmark,Heavyload,OCCT,MSI Kombuster, windows memory diagnostic, pc mark, system pc mark which is the one inside system in control panel i use it all and im running as of 2 days ago lucid virtu mvp since my motherboard is a mvp branded motherboard and since ive got that i can either attach my dvi or hdmi into either the sapphire 7770 or into the motherboard with out having to change my bios or restarting and whenever i get a pure white or black or blue or red screen i unplug the dvi from the sapphire 7770 and plug it into the motherboard and their is no white or blue screen but when i plug back in its still their and to get rid of it i have to restart my pc the other problems include artifacts in battlefield 3 sometimes and the monitor givin me the orange led indicating its not connected which happens when im using the pc all of a suddon it dose it and dosent come back on untill i restart the pc it uses all the GDDR ram on the gpu but when im on the desktop its very fast and responsive so its not my system ram or cpu and after i used pc mark today after it had finished the graphics card gave me a white screen and i had to restart my pc so can any 1 answer my first question about the ram because it only started today and have had it for atleast a week and few days and its only done it today and when i play a intensive game

    but i perfer 1280x960 on high preset for higher fps

    oh yea and when ever i move windows on the desktop it leaves a tail as the windows around has done that ever since i built it
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