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AMD FX 6300 VS AMD A10 5800K

Im building a new computer with a Radeon HD 7850 2gb graphic card, which CPU would run the card better?
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  1. Amd fx 6300 Better than A8 5800k.
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  2. thanks for reply
  3. another question, why is the 6200 clocked at 3.8 and the 6300 clocked only at 3.5
  4. Apu is for integrated gpu , fx don' have integrated gpu . fx 4xxx beat a10 in processing power . 7850 beat a10 in gpu performance.
  5. is the stock heatsink fan from the 6300 loud? The one i had from the phenom II was loud as hell you can hear that thing from the other room
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    6300 Is better because of high cache and 125wtdp .
    6200 -2Mb cache and 95wtdp .
    Good stock cooler no problem not loud .
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