Build for running convertxtodvd x 2 + watching mkv at same time

this build is for running convertxtodvd converting 4 movies to 1 dvd x 2 or in other words converting 8 movies at once to 2 dvds and watching mkv movie at same time and burning dvds that have allready been converted. (heavy multitasking) ---- would this be a good setup for the money this is also my first build. vengeance c70 case. amd fx-8150 cpu. sabertooth 990fx motherboard. asus 7750 video card. cx500 psu. 16gb g.skill ram. kingston hyperX 120gb ssd main and 3 x 2tb WD HDD storage. 3 x ASUS DRW-24B1ST dvd-rw drives. one of the things im concerned about is the power supply being to small in terms of watts and is there any room for improvement. $1200 budget ps i allready have the case. thanks for your help.
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  1. plz any help guys?
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    Converting 8 movies at once will take forever no matter what you pick. But playing an mkv file while doing this will not be an issue as long as your video card is doing the decode.. Why would you do them all at once i bet if you have software that you can que up files to convert one after the other things will go much faster. The 8 core FX to do video recodes quite well so that or an I7 are both good choices. I still lean towards the i7 as you can game with it when not running this marathon you seem to be in..

  3. thanks. i sell dvds and watch movies no gaming. right now im running a athlon II x 2 215 2.7
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