Am I being bottleknecked?

I was curious as to if my Pentium G860 is at all bottleknecking my Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition. I don't feel that I am able to reach the same settings and framerate as some benchmarks I have browsed at have portrayed.
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  1. Download msi after burner check gpu usage
  2. It will not bottleneck at not worry its is strong dual core.
  3. that should work fine, but it will be out of date in about 2 years.
  4. it would take a very weak cpu to bottleneck that card
  5. Ok thanks guys. One more Q, is it worth it to oc my gpu then? if so how far should I attempt? Not much experience overclocking so I don't want to do too much.
  6. I donot reccomend to overclock gpu.sometimes damages the gpu and voids the warranty.
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