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Antec 300 2 vs Corsair 300R

Hey I'm doing my first build and am torn between these two cases. I am leaning twords the 300R because I can get it for the same price as the 300 2 and it comes with a painted interior and a window. Please tell me which case is better for air flow, cable management, space/ ease of set up, and anything else you can think of.
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    id say go with the one u prefer the look both have decent air and cable management.

    i always go with the case im gonna like the style of.
  2. The Antec 300 is what I would personally go with because it has much better build quality than the 300R.
  3. The build quality of the three hundred two is better, but both cases have good cable management options, and you shouldn't have any kinds of problems to install hardware in those cases.
  4. both are good build quality,

    go with the look u like dude.
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