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iI recently bought a new graphic card and i am having a lot of trouble. After 15 to 20 minutes of game playing my system restarts automatically. I am unable to understand what the problem is? please give me some guidance..
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  1. Can you give a full list of your system specs? This is probably a power supply issue.
  2. claysm said:
    Can you give a full list of your system specs? This is probably a power supply issue.

    Core 2 Duo E7400
    Motherboard- ASRock G31m-S
    Monitor Configuration-
    1360*768 pixels
    Power Supply- 400W
    Asus gtx 550 ti
  3. Can you give the exact brand and model number of the power supply? Just because it says 400 watts doesn't necessarily mean that that's what you're getting.
  4. Its zebronics economy series (20+4 pins).
  5. Yeah, I'm not sure about that PSU. In theory it should be able to handle your system, but that doesn't really mean that it can. I would recommend replacing it.
  6. Well there must be some reason for that to not work properly. If the problem can be fixed that would be great. I don't want to replace it at present as i am short of bucks to buy a new one but if i had to replace it could you advice some psu from this site. I will replace it after some time.


    It would be great if its ranges about Rs 4000. If necessary some extra bucks can be spent.
  7. I'm not sure how much I would trust that PSU to run the relatively power hungry 550Ti. It could be another problem, but either way replacing that power supply would be nice.


    This should be perfect.
  8. Its a builder series psu but i want something for long term and gaming was my priority to some point. So should i consider it or some other psu.
  9. This PSU would be perfect for your needs. Builder Series is just the model. It doesnt mean its a bad PSU or something. It should last you awhile. My friend has been running one for years.
  10. Nah the one that Deemo suggested will work just fine.
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