Corsair XMS (DDR) 2400 ?

Have anyone here experience to share on these memory sticks by Corsair ? Apparently this should be ideal for overclocking. Any compatibility issues to expect ? Thanks in advance for your comments. And if someone knows how to get some in Europe too (France, UK or Germany)

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  1. No personal experience, but the Corsair website has the "Ram Guy" where you can post questions, and it looks like there are beginning to be a number of compatibility problem type questions being posted--PC2400 not working on PC2100 boards. But the Ram Guy says he has these same boards and they're working fine....hmmmmmmm.

    Anyone else have any info????
  2. I have seen this and it is precisely why I am wondering about it... I would love to have few opinions
  3. I have a 128MB stick of the Corsair XMS 2400 in my DDR rig. The only thing that I have had wrong with it was that it was faulty when it got sent to me, so I had to send it back. It is rated to run at 150MHz, which it does with ease on my system. The only reason I got it was b/c it is the only CAS2 stuff out there. You can get by with PC2100 at the CAS2.5 and run it at CAS2 without any problems. Not to mention that it is a little cheaper. :)

    I think my memory can run higher than the 150Mhz, but I usually dont run it any higher. I tested it when I first got it to see what it could do. I was shakey at 1.4GHz (the CPU is 1.2GHz.), but ran very solidly at 1.35GHZ. That probably has to do with the motherboard (ASUS A7M266) and CPU than it does with the memory failing.....

    If you want it, go for it. Depends on how big of an OCer you are. If you are just an average user that just wants to have a fast system at CAS2, go with the PC2100. You wont have any problems with it. I havent seen prices, and that may affect your decision too.....
  4. id get kingston, the pc2100 apparently runs at up to 160/320 mhz at cas 2 and up to 168/336 mhz at cas 2.5...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  5. Very intersting about the kingston, whats the model of that pc2100 stick?

    I personally have The Corsair PC2400 XMS memory, supposedly its the best memory on earth (Or at least thats what it says on the package).
    In my Epox 8K7A+ I run it at 150 MHz CAS2, and I've gotten it to run 157 MHz CAS2 before, I did get 160 CAS2 but it wasn't entirly stable but that could have been because the CPU didn't like it. My 1400 MHz CPU at 1600 hasn't been stable no matter how I achieved that clock speed. Now I'm running 1575 MHz (150 x stock multiplier) and I have no problems at all, VERY stable on my 8K7A+.
  6. nice to hear someone has that stable a system, the corsair doesnt run that fast, its stats are most impressive though if you check a few reviews youll see its not THAT good

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  7. at one point I had some micron CAS2 PC2100 and the highest I could get it to run was 145 MHz CAS2. Anything higher and the entire system ran shaky.
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