New build for home HD video editing

Hi everyone! My first post here. Have been following the forum for the past few days. Great job guys!!

I am planning an upgrade from an old P4 mainly for home HD video editing and normal everyday usage. The new machine will not be used for gaming at all.

I have so far used Pinnacle, version 12 being the current installation but am tempted to migrate to Powerdirector. Any thoughts?

How does the following look:

CPU: i5 3450
Mobo: Asus P8H77-M-LE
RAM: Corsair vengeance CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9 4GB x 2
HDD: WD Caviar Green 1TB
OS: Windos 7 64 Home premium

I would also appreciate suggestions for a blu-ray writer. This could be bought at a later date as there is a severe lack of availability in India.

I have no intentions of OCing or using SLI/Crossfire. Are these in any way advantageous for video editing?

I have also found several suggestions that a discreet GPU would not help very much. Any thoughts on that?

Plan to purchace within a week. I will retain my old keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers and possibly the case.

Preferred website for parts:

Country: India

Budget: Would not like to go much higher than the cost of above configuration unless there is significant advantage.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 1: id upgrade to a i7 3770. you will see a pretty big improvement given video editing generally uses a lot of threads
    2: id upgrade to 16gb of ram since it does help with video editing
    3:do not use a green drive as a boot drive. they are meant for storage. get the regular 7200rpm ones
    4: do you have the msi h77ma-g43 motherboard or the asrock h77m? they can support 4 dimms of ram to fit the 16gb of ram

    thats about it
  2. I agree with the above.

    You will need lots of memory, It doesn't have to be expensive. Cheap and reliable memory exists like Crucial Ballistix Sport.

    Again, get a better processor, yours is okay but I'd say a least a 3570K (That way you can overclock, if you're interested in that) I've never been a fan of i7s because I find them generally unnecessary but it's up to you!

    You'll also NEED a dedicated graphics card, again it doesn't have to be too expensive, but you'll need to spend more if you're editing at 1080p. I'd go for a 6850, but that may be excessive.
  3. Hey there, i use adobe premier and just bulit a pc for video and photo editing and of course surfing etc.

    I purchased a i7 2600k processor, this cpu is really top notch for video and photo editing, really there is nothing that come close to the performance of this little bad boy... It's on the older sandy bridge socket but really it dont matter becuase ivy bridge is 1155 aswell so in future if they make anything as good as the 2600k we'll be set.

    Really consider the 2600k, it eats its way through rendering, just google it and read the reviews, nothing but praise for it.

    It runs at 25-30 degrees on idle and 40 degrees on full load with stock cooler, can overclock somewhat too.

    I use 4 gig of corsair vengeance running @ 1333mhz

    Maybe go for the 8 gig you mentioned, its cheap as chips any how, 16 gig is over kill at the moment, but if you are willing to spend the cash then whats stopping you.

    I'm sure with both cpu's mentioned you'll be very pleased.
  4. i5's are great for gaming and saving cash, but you need the 'hyper threading' that is only present on i7's and is key for rendering transcoding and remember always check there is a 'K' on the end of the number, 2600k as opposed to 2600, the k means its unlocked for overclocking...

    Hd video editing defo go for 8 gig, im sure you wont need to spend £££ on a gfx card, why would you when these processors are that good!
  5. Hi guys! Thanks a ton.

    It appears i7 is the way to go. But then again, I would be doing this editing only 3~4 times a year on some vacation and family videos etc. The cost escalation would be USD 70 for 2600k and USD 90 for 3770. Such are the prices here. Would the performance be that much better?
    Let me see if I can try and get some demos with i5 and i7.

    What PSU would be needed for the two i7s? I now have a 450W Compuage (Indian make) PSU.

    RAM & MOBO:
    I will start with 8 GB RAM but upgrade the mobo to Asus P8H77-M (USD 15 more) which has four DIMM slots for future enhancing the RAM as required. MSI and ASRock are really not very popular here and thus availability is restricted.

    I now plan to go with Seagate Barracuda 1TB ST1000DM003.

    Will an SSD help much? Maybe sometime later.

    No thoughts on the video editing software or on the blu ray drive?
  6. ok then get the i5. you arent doing much video editing at all

    use a different psu made by seasonic, corsair, xfx, and superflower. those are the brands to go with. the others generally arent very good but could be wrong

    SSDs make the system much faster but since you dont seem to do a lo of stuff on your computer, dont get it
  7. I don't know what you guys are on about, I've worked my way through many a production from home with an i5 2500k @ stock, 6GB RAM and a Radeon HD 4850 512MB.

    Yes, transcoding and rendering will be faster but it sounds like this guy's trying to save himself some cash and not everyone can afford to go with HP's bug riddled workstations.

    As far as I know, you don't need anything fancy unless you're running multiple HD streams (MultiCam) or stereoscopic 3D. And the only thing PowerDirector wants that he doesn't currently have is a decent Video Card and I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to break his bank for that either. If I could run Avid MC 6 with my 4850, i'm sure PowerDirector won't be that hungry.
  8. Quote:
    I now plan to go with Seagate Barracuda 1TB ST1000DM003.

    Will an SSD help much? Maybe sometime later.

    No thoughts on the video editing software or on the blu ray drive?

    The ST1000DM003 is perfect, SSD's are way too expensive to use as media storage and if we used them at my work they wouldn't last very long.

    The Blu Ray drive also - just get a standard LG or Sony, you can't really go wrong there...

    I don't think you need to spend your life savings on a machine to edit your home videos with. Video editing really isn't as expensive as everyone thinks it is, big companies just target production companies with really big film making budgets which is why the "Recommended" equipment and software is so inaccessible to those of you who just want to get 200 views on youtube.

    Goodluck Dude!
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