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i m having some problem in playing games in my laptop. its an acer v3-571g
intel core i5-2450 2.4 gz
4gb(internal) +4gb(added) ram
windows 7 home basic
nvidia geforce gt630m 2gb.
its seems perfects spec for playing recent games in mid settings. though fromthe begining the performence of the machine was not so fine but it was quite well i played blackops at an fps of 50-60, fifa 13 at an fps of 60 etc. but from last 2-3 days i m facing problems. now fifa 13 is running at an fps of 30, blackops at <15 andsome other games at same, i.e. <15, like just cause 2 and battlefield 3. Now i is also showing some abnormal behaviour like when i have just started the pc and not doing anything cpu usage is showing above 20% sometimes and sometimes it also shows above 40%. i just cant get it. Nowbrfore few days when i play some big games the GPU temp. some times rises to even 90 deg C but now its not crossing 50 deg C(using gpu-z). is it possible that by mistake i or some software (like tuneup utilities) have change some settings due to which my pc performance has detoriate or is it some hardware problem, and ya i bought its pc just a month ago.please help

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  1. personally, i'd take it back to the shop if you can. sounds like you have a MoBo issue (overheating and clocking down everything it can get it's grubby little hands on).

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