Gtx 550Ti & psu

its my 1st post.
I hav a asus gtx 550 ti Which according to specification needs 24A
on a 12 v railing(?) but the coolermastr extreme 500w psu i already have gives only 18 A from 12v railing. I cannot buy anothr psu just now .Will my CM psu hold on for a month before i get a new psu
. My machins is a corei5 2500k ,p8h77 mobo and
16 gb corsair ram (4x4)
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  1. Coolermaster extreme 500W PSU has two +12V rails.. You have to divide the wattage under both 12V rails by 12 and calculate the correct amp.. I am sure it would be enough to power up your GPU.. But your psu doesn't even have 80% Efficiency and CPU/GPU overclocking will need more power.. PSU will hold but if can afford, go for a better one from Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, XFX..
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