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Hey there community!

I'm buying a few parts to build my dad a new computer for general use, and have chosen a few parts which I feel are all okay. I do not know everything when it comes to building computers and hardware specs etc, but I have built several PCs before. I just wanted to check in with you guys/girls to see if you could check over the hardware to double check that they're compatible etc. Personally I feel that they are, but I have paranoia when it comes to these types of things.

The components are:

Motherboard -




Thank you in advance everybody who responds nicely!
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  1. Should be fine for many years as a general use computer, no Hi-Def video editing or gaming obviously, but it will play video, surf the web, and perform office type tasks all with no major strain on the CPU.
  2. Yeah that's all he wants it for. Office work, invoices etc, and occasionally youtube and a little browser-based java game. Thanks!
  3. I'd go with 1600mhz RAM, since with Llano APUs, the RAM doubles as your video memory. The 1600mhz doesn't cost much more and will give a better bump in performance. Other than that, yea, that setup should do exactly what you're looking for.
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