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Hey guys...

Another battlefield 3 related question I'm afraid. I have gtx 670's in SLI, and an i7 2600k @4.0.

When Playing Gulf of Oman 64 or 32 player map, if I go near the hotel or up onto the roof, my framerate can drop as low as 47-50 fps. This is playing on ultra, at 1080p, on a 120hz monitor.

I have the latest (beta) driver's.

This seems a little slow to me. Anyone else with similar setups getting similar frame rates?
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  1. Hmm, just noticed that I had SLI disabled, from, when I changed my drivers. This had a lot to do with the frame rates I would imagine!

    Turned SLI back on and now I'm getting a blue, sort of flickering in the game... different issue all together now. seems its one problem after another with PC's!
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