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Hi guys. I recently purchased a Intel Celeron G530 processor, and recently I saw that microcenter had fantastic sales on the i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge Cpu's. If I were to upgrade, would there be a big difference in performance from going from that dual core to a quad core, in gaming, web browsing, etc...? By the way, if it helps, my graphics card is an EVGA Geforce GTX 650.

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  1. What games and what resolution do you game at?

    Web browsing doesn't even tax a cell phone processor, so a big no on that one. It can help with games if you are trying to run high resolutions, or if you play games like Starcraft that wail on the CPU. For most games, it's just going to max out your graphics card before the processor anyway, regardless of what it is.

    So I guess the answer is "maybe"
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    That G530 @ 2.4 ghz is a pretty good CPU to use with the GTX 650. If you upgrade, Only certain games such as BF3, skyrim and as the above poster mentioned Starcraft you will see some noticeable gains but your GPU is still too weak to max out so I would say get a better CPU AND a GPU
  3. +1^ for better gaming you need good gpu.upgrading to quad core will increase performance in cpu intensive games. In gaming cpu < graphic card 99% of the time.
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