Blue screen on my new build

I just finished my new build this weekend and have been using it with no problems. I just got a blue screen and I have no idea why. I am new to building PC's but everything seems to be working great until that problem came up.

Is there a log I could post to here and get some idea of why I got a blue screen?
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  1. I can add a little more info as to my build and what happened. Here is my build

    I have two monitors going and at the point of failure one went black while the other stayed up. Then they switched, the second went black and the first worked. Then both went out and a blue screen came up. Windows restated and booted up after the "windows shut down wrong" screen. I got a windows error message once I logged on and hit the check for solutions button but nothing happened. At the time of the blue screen there were some windows updates waiting to be installed, i was browsing the web, and steam was downloading a game.

    Any help is appreciated
  2. Download blue screen view and please give us the bccode. have you overclocked the machine? and have you installed the latest drivers for all your hardware?
  3. yeah I installed all new drivers from the web, and I am not overclocked. Here is my bccode: 0x00000116
  4. ok I am pretty sure it has to do with my video card as I tried to run the GPU tweak application that came with the driver install and I got another blue screen. I will reinstall the drivers and see if it resolves the issues.
  5. OK please keep us updated.. and where did you get the drivers? manufacturer website or intel/amd?
  6. asus website and I think it was the asus gpu tweak application that is causing the problem.
  7. Honestly I recommend getting your gpu drivers from amd's website, and the latest chipset drivers from intel.
  8. should I just download them from amd and install or should I unistall things first?
  9. always uninstall previous gpu drivers before reinstalling
  10. thanks for your help I will see if any more problems come up
  11. ok so i just had another blue screen. I uninstalled the drivers and then reinstalled from amd website. Since I think it was the asus gpu tweaking software that was causing the problem should I not install that from asus? Is it ok to just leave it as is?
  12. I would not install that software and see how it runs without it. ( make sure to restart before installing new driver )
  13. Have you tried updating your BIOS?
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