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I am eventually planning to buy a second hd 7850 gpu (I have a radeon hd 7850) and i was wondering if i could crossfire any 2 hd 7850's together for example i could have a radeon hd 7850 with a saphire hd 7850.
What would be the downside to this or does it not make a difference?
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  1. You can, but I wouldn't recommend it. I did a gigabyte hd 7850 and a diamond hd 7850 and it didn't work to well. Traded the diamond in today for another gigabyte and it's a little better. Still a horrible crossfire experience overall though....
  2. to the guy above me thats odd...what were your problems with the setup? to the op yes you can do different brands in crossfire should be no problem the only issue you could encounter is if the clocks are different then it might give you an issue but it shouldnt.
  3. It depends on your system if how they will work. It is not recomended to crossfire mix brands but people have been doing it for years and you could even crossfire a 7870 with your 7850.

    The down side to that is the 7870 would run as a 7850. If your Vram is 3 gigs on one card and 2 gigs on the other you will only get 2 gigs only. You can't add them together and if both cards have 2 gigs then you get only 2 gigs.

    But yes you can swap brands but if you can try to stay with the same. Good luck to you.
  4. Not to hijack the thread or anything but I was using a gigabyte hd 7850 with a diamond hd 7850 (recently brought the diamond back and acquired the proper gigabyte hd 7850 to match it) but none of my games (Skyrim, GTA4, SF x T, Alan wake) would run smoothly. The only 2 smooth running games so far would be Battlefield 3 and ARMA 2. In most cases I would either get worse fps with crossfire on, microstuttering for others, and if all else fails, the game would just crash completely or bsod on me. I have catalyst 12.6 with caps profiles. Unless I'm missing something here, I honestly think just upgrading to a better (but sadly more expensive card) is a better solution.
  5. wasnt microstuttering a big issue with the 7 sreies amd cards when they first came out? is that still an issue now? for some reason I remember hearing that
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