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Can anyone suggest a replacement gaming graphics card for Nvidia 8500GT? Power supply is 300W. Windows Vista. HP Pavilion Media Center m8180a. Intel Core 2 duo.
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  1. Try the ATI HD 6000/7000 series
    And please upgrade your computer with Windows 7

    Good Luck!
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    The Radeon 7750 is the fastest card you can get that does not require a power supply upgrade for your computer:

    If that is out of reach, the 6670 is a good option as well:

    Both are better than the current 8500GT you have.
  3. Thanks guys, radeon 7750 chosen and installed. 400w psu recommended. Using 300w psu. Temps all ok. Excellent card at value for money. Major graphics difference for minimum dollar spent.
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