How many monitors my video Cards supports ?

How many monitors an Asus Geforce 8500GT 512MB Dvi Hdmi can support? I was wondering if I could connect three monitors to my PC using a DVI spliter!

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  1. Hey buddy

    From my understanding the maximum monitors you can run directly from the card is 2 monitors. If you used a DVI splitter then I believe that 2 of the monitors would duplicate the same image / screen. In order to have 3 monitors you need one of the following :

    1. add another gpu to your system (if you have available PCI-E slots) although it doesnt have to be the same card and could just be a cheapish model, or upgrade and move your current card to second slot.
    2. Grab a 670 or above card (not cheap) as they natively support 3 monitors.
    3. Move to AMD based cards as they support 3 screens.
    4. Add a Matrix TripleHead2Go device (although I have never used these and know very little about the dynamics / setup / cost.

    Personally I would recommend getting a second card if you have space and budget.

    Hope that helps.
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