NES PC 2012 how much?

Hi Folks,

Last year I came across a brand new in the box NES Action Set from a families time capsule, for........ $100, Lucky Me! Decided not to keep it as a collector's item so a friend and I have been playing it for the last year intensively and collecting all our favorite titles, big blast from the past and loving it. However, lately finding the games we want has been a big challenge for us and extra expensive. Problem was, I needed my Dragon Warrior fix and don`t want to spend $200-$400 to order them.
I randomly stumbled across videos and sites on NES PC Mods, as soon as I saw it, I knew it must build one :) I'm a network engineer who has building PC`s for years , just never in a custom NES case before LoL
I made this system to emulate NES, SNES and N64. Its also to be used as a HTPC for DVD and video files, Surfing the net or basically whatever else you can do with a computer.

Here what I used:

System Parts
-Zotac IONITX-T-U Motherboard
-2x2GB DDR3 800 (4GB)
-80GB 2.5" HDD Sata 5400RPM
-Slimline DVD-RW + Adapter
-NES System
-2x RetroUSB NES Controller Port Chips
-Few Small Fans, Adapters and Cables
- Velcro, 2-part Epoxy, Hardware

Motherboard Features
-Intel Atom D525 1.8 Dual-core
-Dedicated 512mb DDR3 Next-Gen Ion
-90w External Power Brick Style
-Dual Antenna Wireless
-Analog 6-ch HD, Digital Coaxial & S/PDIF
System Features
-Back has been cut out for motherboard I/O panel
-M/B mounted on bottom raised portion with custom M/B tray
-Original controller ports re-wired to USB header on M/B
-Original Power and Reset re-wired to M/B
-DVD-RW and HDD mounted under hinged door
-Small fan on rear beside M/B for exhaust

Included Accessories
-2x NES Controllers
-2x SNES Controllers
-2x RetroUSB SNES Controller Adapters via USB
-HDMI Cable
-Logitech Wireless HTPC Keyboard with Built-in Mouse Pad

I have recently had a son and lost my job and am considering selling this masterpiece to a friend.
It was $700 just in parts.
Anyone know what I should charge for something like this?
Keep in mind there was 50+ hrs put into R&D and building it.

Thanks for your feedback :)
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  1. Update.... This item is now available for purchase on EBAY
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