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Hi all.

I have Win2k and am trying to get my sb live! card to work with my digital speakers. However, I am having the problem in that the digital connection isn't working for whatever reason. I plugged the cord (SPDIF cord and another tiny cord with SPDIF and what plugs into the sound card) that came with my speakers into my sb live's "digital out" (orange connector) and yet it plays no sound. When I connect my speakers through an analog connection to my sb live, it plays the sound no problem. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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  1. Here is how you can turn the digital out on on your SB live card. First hook up the digital speakers to the digital jack output. Then open up the surround mixer. Above the volume setting, you will see a little + sign, click on it. Depending on which soundblaster live you have, you will see either a digital out with a check box next to it or a Dolby Digital decoding and digital ouput check box. at any rate, make sure the check box is checked and your all set to go.

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  2. Great, thanks! I just had to check that unchecked box and it's working fine now.

    I have another quick question if you don't mind.. My mp3s sometimes skip and such when I'm opening up internet explorer or multitasking. Should this be happening? I have a Pentium 4 2GHz processor and 512megs of ram.. you'd think that that would be ample power to prevent these skips.. If you can help, that'd be great.


    P.S. Btw, I use both MusicMatch and WinAmp.
  3. Winamp is notorious for not multi-tasking well. It has gotten better as newer versions become available, but it still tends to skip on certain occasions. Even going from a 550MHz processor to a 1.13GHz processor made not one ounce of difference on when Winamp decides to skip.

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