Need to find the best Wireless adapter for my PC

Hello folks,

I have currently a Wireless-N Netgear 150 Mbps adapter connecting through USB.

With my Verizon FIOS hard lined my results are 40 MB/s down and around 30 MB/s up.

This adapter is choking my speed to a mere 10-15 Mb/s down and 8-12 MB/s up

The router currently in our household is a standard issued Verizon router

I need to know what possible adapter would be giving me maximum speed. Obviously a PCI card would be ideal but what USB could I get away with and still have much better speed then what I am at?

Oh and if needed

AMD 965 3.4 Ghz Black Edition
XFX Radeon HD 6870 Black Edition
4 GB 1600 MHz G-Skill Sniper series Low Voltage
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  1. This one looks good.. Not sure though.. Our router only pushes the 3000 mbps and the adapter is a dual band for pretty cheap.. Also provides all services of security
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