Less FPS in Crossfire

FX-8150 4.2GHz
990x Evo Motherboard
8gb DDR3 Ram
Crossfire MSI Radeon 6870

I ran bench mark test in GTA IV with cross fire and get:

Average FPS 58.70
CPU Usage 38%
Both GPU's Running at around 45-50%

Single Card:

Average FPS 59.60
CPU Usage 34%
GPU Running at around 80-85%

Surely this can't be right. Is there away to increase my GPU usage in crossfire? What could be wrong? Thanks for your time.
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  1. Your average FPS is so close to that of the most common monitor refresh rate (60Hz) that I wonder if maybe VSync is what's slowing you up. With VSync enabled, the GPU's keep their FPS below the monitor's refresh rate as anything over can cause tearing and is essentially wasted. VSync also has the added affect of lowering power consumption and heat production because it only allows the cards to work hard enough to pull off 60FPS, nothing more.

    Considering your dual GPU usage is about half that of your single card usage, I'd imagine that's what's going on. Try a benchmark that is more graphically intensive (FurMark or Unigine Heaven come to mind) or turn off VSync. I'm sure you'll find your results start to make more sense.
  2. I have the same issue , with the same card in CF , but the Game I face issues with is F1 2011. I've tried V-sync on / off. 12.3/12.4./12.7

    F1 2011 - Single card - Average =48
    Minimum - 38

    CF - Average 47
    Minimum - 39

    However Dirt 3 ,Dirt Showdown and Crysis 2 scale to my satisfaction. Just not F1 2011

    In the case of the OP , Its definately V-Sync, 59 FPS average should be pretty damn smooth.
  3. Have you tried to force catalyst to use a predefined profile for a game? Also, you could try renaming the game .exe to a game that works with CF. Also have you installed the CAP files?
  4. Yes, I have tried predefined profiles and Got the CAP 1 for 12.7. I could try the renaming thing and see if i get lucky. Thanks
  5. try a bunch of different apps if they dont work. The way CF works is different in each app, it may work with 1 eventually.
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