What should I upgrade first?

Basically I have a really terrible Core 2 Duo e4700 and I thought it would stop the bottleneck I was getting from my Pentium D, and to be fair it got me a about 20FPS increase in most games which was good but now I'm looking to upgrade both my GPU and my CPU

unfortunately I can only really afford one or the otehr so I can't decide which is the most worthy upgrade to get first, an AMD 651k Athlon II x4 with new motherboard and RAM or spend the money on a 6850 and upgrade the CPU at a later date

Any ideas? I'm not sure which is best to upgrade first, I mean on one side I see the CPU will give me a more stable and faster system but no real gaming performance increase from my current ASUS GT 440 (DDR5), but then on the other side I think that a new graphics card will give me better performance and then I can unlock it's full potential when I can afford it.

What do you guys think and why?
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  1. Upgrade the video card first, you need a good! 500 Watt power supply to run the HD6850, Seasonic, Corsair, maybe Antec. You should see quite an increase in frames per second on games. If you upgrade your motherboard and processor later you can still use the graphics card.
  2. What's your budget?
  3. £100-ish

    There's some ******* balling card on ebay for £80 or less and it's worth like £150 but it's used, so I think i'm gonna get that... if I can, it's a bidding war.

    But yes I'm thinking an AMD 651k(or non-k if it's worth it) or maybe a 631 x4? Then get a cheap Asus M-ATX board with corsair's cheap 1x4GB DDR3.
  4. You need a new CPU and GPU to be honest. Also, a new CPU and mobo will need DDR3 RAM.
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